Terms and Conditions

§1  Application Form

By filling the application form and submitting it by pressing the “Apply Now” button, the applicant allows Admissionboard e.K. to analyze his/her application and forward it to the respective university.

§2  Invoice of payment for the application fees when it is relevant

Lots of time there are no application fees to make an application. But sometimes there are application fees charged by the University/College, especially for many universities in Canada, USA, and Australia. When the university charges fees for application and once the applicant has submitted an application to us, he/she will receive an invoice via email with the account details to pay the application fees. 

§3  Payment

The payment is due immediately after the applicant has applied and once Admissionboard receives the payment, the application will be forwarded to the university along with the application fees that he/she has paid. This payment will go only to the university, Admissionboard will never charge any fees for its services.


§4  Our Support And Services

We provide informatory services and forward application to respective universities and our information/suggestion/correction or any statement has no legal binding and should not be considered or taken as a legal advice. In case of any kinds of deviations, our company does not take any responsibility and cannot be held liable for this. Current and complete authentic information can be taken from the regarding official authorities.

§4.1  University Admission And Visa Application Documentation Support

Admissionboard e.K. provides support in university admission and visa application process. The admission letter is provided by the respective university and so is the visa issued by the respective embassy/consulate in your homeland.

§5  Photos And Videos

The applicant agrees that the pictures and/or videos of the applicant provided to Admissionboard e.K. may be used by us for promotional purposes. In case of objection, the applicant has to inform us in written form (per Email).

§6  Information Provided By Us Through Emails, Telephone, Skype or our Website

We provide the information per email, telephone, Skype or through our website according to our experience and best know-how. However, in case of any kinds of deviations our company does not take any responsibility and cannot be held liable for this. Actual and complete authentic information can be taken from the regarding official authorities.

§7  No Liability

Admissionboard e.K. provides only informatory services and no legal advice services. Our company has no influence on the information that is being entered by the applicant on the application forms and other documents, on the issuance of the admission by a higher study institute in the respective country, on the visa application, visa process or the issuance of the visa by the Embassy/Consulate. Our company is not any authority to extend your resident permit.

§8  Rejecting Your application
Admissionboard reserves the right to reject your application and do not forward it to the university. If in our assessment, we find you not to be a genuine student or do not have adequate qualifications or not suitable for the program you wanted to apply, we will not forward your application to your chosen university. In this scenario, we will notify you within 24 hours of your application about our decision.