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  • How much do I have to pay to Admissionboard?
    You won't have to pay a single coin to use any of our services. We maintain a strict no-charges policy to all students. We will never charge you anything for our services.
  • Is it possible to do the whole process: university applicaiton, visa application by myself?"
    Absolutely. It is very much possible to do the entire process by yourself. You dont need to rely on fee charging agencies or organizaions to provide you information that is already available online not super difficult to find. All you need is authentic and correct information. You can find this information by yourself if you spend some time on research. What happens is you might get some confusions and some information will not be so easy to discover. Our goal is to get you out of these confusions and make the entire process very easy without spending any money.
  • Do I have to pay anything for University application?
    Not all universities charge application fees. But many do. For example many universities in the UK do not charge any application fees when you apply to them directly. But most universities in Canada charge a fee for application between 50CAD to 250 CAD. The amount of the application fee is displayed on the program information page on our platform. If there is no application fees, you will see it is written as "none". If a university charges application fee, you will have to pay this fee for us to submit your application. You can either pay this online or at our respective branch offices.
  • What is admissionboard?
    Admissionboard is an online platform to search for the right program and university that is suitable for you and apply to that program all by yourself. Before you apply, you will have to be eligible to apply to that program. You can find the admission requirements information at a glance on our program information page. Then you will have to upload all necessary documents and apply. Admissionboard will check your application for errors and then forward it to the university within 24 hours. You will receive continuous updates of your application and as soon as the university has made a decision, you will be notified. If you are successful, your admission letter will be delivered to you via e-mail. You will also get access to our detailed video guides to prepare yourself for your visa application. By viewing these guides you will find out exactly what documents you need to submit and how to fill out the visa application form. This way you can do the entire process by yourself.
  • How long do I have to wait to get a decision from the university?
    The decision making time of your application varies from university to university. In general, it takes about two weeks to get the admission decision. But sometimes it can be much earlier or much longer. For example, Universities providing pathway/foundation programs in the UK can give you a decision within 2 days but decision for direct university applications in Candada can take upto 60 days. You will find the average decision time of a program on the program information page.
  • Who gives the admission decision?
    The decision for your application is always given by the respective university/college/institution. Admissionboard just ensure that your application is error free, you have provided all necessary documents and your application is submitted on time.
  • Can I apply without IELTS?
    Yes. Currently you can apply to Canada and Finland without IELTS certificate. IELTS certificate is mandatory for applying to most of the programs in foreign universities. But there are some universities who will evaluate your English proficiency via other means. For example: a skype interview or an online test. Or maybe a certificate from your university stating that you have completed an English taught Bachelor degree, especially when you will apply to a Masters degree program. But even if you get admission to a university without IELTS, it is highly recommended that you give an IELTS exam and submit the certificate to the embassy when you apply for the visa. This will increase your chances in securing your student visa.
  • What documents do I need to make an application?
    You will need clear scanned copies of your original academic certificates and transripts, Passport Identity Page, IELTS certificate and/or SAT/GRE/GMAT cerificate if it's mandatory to make an application. In general these are the documents that you need to provide to make an application to the university. You can upload all of these documents from your desktop computer when you make the application on Admissionboard platform.
  • Can I scan the photocopied versions of my originial documents and upload?
    When scanning your documents, you must scan your original documents and upload it with your application. Scanning black and white photocopy of your documents and uploading them is not acceptable for applicaiton. Universities will only accept clear scan copies of your colour original documents.
  • Instead of scanning the documents, can I take pictures by my mobile and submit them with my application?"
    No. Your academic documents and passport and other certificates are crucial for the university to make a decision on your application. Therefore these documents have to be very clearly scanned and uploaded. Pictures of these document taken by mobile is not acceptable.
  • Can I know everything that I need to know to make the visa application by myself from your video guides?
    Yes. Our goal is to prepare you to make the visa application all by yourself. We have produced very elaborate video guides to cover every little details so that you dont have any confusions about the process. These video tutorials are only available to students who have submitted their applicaiton using Admissionboard online application portal. By watching these video tutorials you will have answers to questions like: Whats documents do I need to submit to the embassy for visa application? What is the website address where I can go to make an appointment? How to schedule a visa interview at the embassy? What documents are acceptable at the embassy? What is the correct format to prepare a particular document? What is the list of insurance company acceptable by the embassy? What is the list of Banks that are accepted by the Embassy, and many more. We have tried to make it as thorough as possible. And these tutorials are available in English and in your native language. Even after viewing all these tutorials you have more confusions or if your case is unique, one of our professional advisor will provide you the information you will need.
  • What are the benefits of applything through Admissionboard platform?
    § Admissionboard search options are very easy to use and you can find the most needed information very quickly to determine your elligibility to a program. You will find inofrmation on yearly tuition fees, Academic and IELTS requirements, Intake month and applicaiton deadlines, program description all in one single page. Very often it is more difficult and time consuming to find this information. § The application procedure is simple. You dont have to fill up different forms to make applications to different universities. You can fill out only one simple form on Admissionboard website, upload your documents and apply. § Your application will be checked by Admissionboard applicaiton team before it is finally submitted to the university. During this process if there are any errors in your application or any documents are missing, we will inform you and advise you on how to make correction. This will help you submit the application to the university properly without any errors. This will also save you a lot of time and maximise your chances of getting admission as some universities become aware of missing documents or errors in your application many days later afer your submission and sometimes even decline your application as you have not properly submitted it or it wasn't on time or some documents were missing. § You will receive access to our detailed video tutorials which will explain what documents you should prepare for visa application, how you will make the application, what questions will probably be asked at the visa interview and any other details that is important for you to prepare yourself for the visa applicaiton. This will take out a lot of stress from you as this information is sometimes difficult and time consuming to acquire. Our video tutorials are very elaborate and this will help you significantly to maximise your chances in securing your student visa. § All services on Admissionboard platform are completely free for students. We will never charge you for any of our online services before or after you receive your university admission and student visa.
  • Can I apply to the university directly?
    Absolutely. You can find the university and apply directly to them. In this scenario, Admissionboard will not be responsible for verifying your university application or helping you with online tutorials to prepare your visa application.
  • How Soon can you provide me the offer letter?
    The offer letter will be issued by the university/ college and Admissionboard do not have any authority over their decision time. An offer can be issued within 2 days or it can take 60 days or even more. It all depends on the admission policy and capacity to process the application by the respective university/college.
  • I want to talk to someone, can I call you?"
    Admissionboard is predominantly an online platform. Our advisors and application team provide continuous support to international students from various locations. We also have physical offices in several countries. You can call us during office hours. You can also book online appointments to support you via whatsapp/viber/IMO or Skype calls.
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