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York University - School of Continuing Studies

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Post-Graduate Certificate - Business Administration

Admission Requirements

**Academic Requirement at Undergraduate level for  students with British Qualifications stay the same regardless of the Student's country of residence.

Statement of Intent, reference letter, Detailed CV, Academic transcripts,

About The Program

About The University

Application Deadline

Start Date

Jan May Sep

Min IELTS overall: 6.0 (Min Reading: 5.5, Min Writing: 6.0, Min Listening: 5.5, Min Speaking: 6.0)

Minimimum Academic Requirement

English Proficiency Requirement

Other Requirements

Program Level

45 days

Average Decision Time

79 CAD

Application Fees

Yearly Tuition Fees

15,199 CAD

Graduate Certificate

Program Duration

8 months

Click HERE to understand more about Specific Entry Requirements for your Country

Nov 30 Jan 31 Jul 31


What do most successful managers, whether they work for start-ups, established corporations, or non-profit organizations have in common? A solid foundation in business. Whether you’re looking to build on existing experience or gain entirely new professional skills, our Post-Graduate Certificate in Business Administration is the perfect tool to prepare you for exciting opportunities in your field.

The program will teach you how to make strategic marketing decisions, effectively manage projects, and increase productivity. You will also study current economic, social, and environmental business trends. Designed in consultation with senior industry executives, thought leaders, and prominent York University academics, the Certificate will equip you with relevant and in-demand knowledge and all course content will be immediately applicable to your current (or future) role.

Today’s business leaders require even more than foundational business knowledge. For example, many top employers believe that emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and communication are equally important skills to have. Professionals who master these key competencies routinely receive the best job offers and promotions throughout their careers.

Our Post-Graduate Certificate in Business Administration will deepen your understanding of interconnected business functions while simultaneously sharpening your critical thinking, communication, and management skills. The program culminates with a unique final capstone course where you will apply your knowledge to real-world business challenges.

The entire program can be completed in just eight months, which is considerably quicker than comparable certificates. You will also benefit from studying alongside a network of peers who are completing the program on the same schedule.

York was incorporated in 1959, with the biggest task ahead being the actual development of the University, particularly its future character.

After much deliberation by York's Board of Governors, it was decided that the University would consist of a residential college, known as Glendon College; an evening college for part-time adult students from different backgrounds, generations and socio-economic circumstances, known as Atkinson College; and a large, urban, multi-Faculty campus that would eventually accommodate 7,000 to 10,000 students, known today as our Keele campus.

The Keele site was considered an ideal location for a campus because it was believed that the movement of population in Toronto would be towards the northwest, and it would be accessible to future main traffic arteries. Originally, it was estimated that enrolment would reach 7,000 students by 1980. That projection was later increased to 15,000. However, by 1980, actual enrolment was 25,000 students. When York first opened the focus was on liberal education in arts and science, and by the late 60s there was talk of adding three additional Faculties: education, engineering and medicine.

While education ended up being the focus, the aspiration to expand into professional education like engineering and medicine was reflected in all of York's strategic plans.

York University will add a new School of Continuing Studies building to its Keele campus to accommodate significant growth and support the creation of even more innovative programs for recent graduates, working professionals, international students and new Canadians in the future. An early design concept and budget estimate indicates a building sized at 9,000 square metres, with 39 classrooms, student lounges and social spaces, private work and breakout spaces, as well as space for 150 staff and instructors, set to open in 2021.


Bachelor Degree (3 years) with overall 70% or higher


Minimum Level of Education Required: 3-Year Bachelor's Degree with Minimum 70%


Minimum Level of Education Required: 3-Year Bachelor's Degree with Minimum 70%


Minimum Level of Education Required: 3-Year Bachelor's Degree with Minimum 70%


Bachelor Degree (3 years) with overall 70% or higher

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