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Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK)

Rauma, Finland

International Business (BBA)

Admission Requirements

**Academic Requirement at Undergraduate level for  students with British Qualifications stay the same regardless of the Student's country of residence.

An online Exam will be held. More details can be found in program description. Applicants who will pass the online exam will have to give an online interview. In the interview, your skills of understanding and producing spoken English are measured. You are given a time of 20 minutes for the interview by invitation. You can’t change the date and the time of the interview.

About The Program

About The University

Application Deadline

Start Date


Not Required. The English proficiency will be assessed through the online exam.

Minimimum Academic Requirement

English Proficiency Requirement

Other Requirements

Program Level

30 Days

Average Decision Time


Application Fees

Yearly Tuition Fees

9,500 EUR


Program Duration

3.5 Years

Click HERE to understand more about Specific Entry Requirements for your Country

Apr 03


*50% Scholarship is possible from the second year.

If the student can complete at least 55 ECTS credits during the 1st academic year with at least 70% GPA. In addition, the student should belong to the best 20 % of all students in his/her class according to the weighted grade point average.

The IB programme will prepare you to work on a broad scale of tasks in the international business environment. You will be able to handle all necessary operations along the supply chain from raw material supplier to the final consumer. You will gain competence in international business with the focus on Marketing Logistics, Business Opportunity and Strategy, Supply Chain Management and Service Design.


After graduating you can work for example as marketing and purchasing manager, import and export assistant or controller in an internatioal business.

The topics of the studies include e.g.:

business, entrepreneurship and trade in an international environment
international marketing
accounting and finance
intercultural communication
English (business) communication and foreign languages
You can specialize in the area of Supply Chain Management or Service Design.

Projects and Thesis
During your studies you will apply your learning in projects for local and international businesses. The IB degree programme has a long tradition in joint projects with our partner universities in Germany (Hochschule Ludwigshafen) and the US (College of Charleston).

In thesis, the student demonstrates his or her ability to apply his or her knowledge and skills in practical expert duties related to the professional studies.


The entrance examination is divided into two parts:
1.Written part                                      2.Online interview

Each eligible applicant takes the written part first. To pass the written part and to be invited to an online interview, the applicant is required to get at least 30 points from the maximum 100 points. The online interview is graded pass or fail. The students are selected from those applicants who pass the online interview, in the order of points received from the written part.

Written part measures applicant’s learning skills, logical-mathematical skills and understanding of written English. Each applicant has 2 hours to complete the exam after starting it.

In the online interview, applicant will be interviewed through a video negotiation platform with his/her own computer, webcam, headset/microphone and Internet connection. In the interview, applicant’s skills of understanding and producing spoken English are measured. Applicant is given a time of 20 minutes for the interview by invitation – the applicant can not change the date and the time of the interview.

SAMK profiles itself as an industrial institution of higher education. SAMK’s profile is based on the needs of the area and SAMK focuses on education, research, innovation and development activities, which support industrial restructuring. Satakunta area has a versatile economic and industrial structure. Therefore, SAMK has to provide research and comprehensive study programmes in technology, business and administration and social and health care even in the future.

SAMK's primary vision is that all SAMK students will be employed.
Students are provided with the best possible skills for employment by education customized to the needs of the area, comprehensive co-operation with the employment market and an entrepreneurial attitude.

SAMK in figures (2017)

Towns: 4
Campuses: 4
Degree students: c. 5,500
Degree students per towns: Pori 3,622, Rauma 1,344, Huittinen 454 and Kankaanpää 111
Students in open studies: c. 1,100
Staff members (year 2016): 378, with PhD or Licentiate degrees: 71
Bachelor degree programmes: 19
Master degree programmes: 9
Degree programmes in English: 10
Bachelor's degrees year (2016): 953
Master's degrees year (2016): 83
Degrees awarded totally: over 18,000

Best employment
SAMK is number 1. when talking about the graduates’ employment among universities of applied sciences outside the metropole area (Employment statistics by Statistics Finland).

Extensive company collaboration
According to a national survey by the Federation of Finnish Enterprises the entrepreneurs in Satakunta region have the largest experience in student collaboration and they see Satakunta University of Applied Sciences increase the appeal of the region

Best quality in tuition
All graduates give annually their opinion on the quality of the tuition (OKM AVOP enquiry). During the years 2005–2016 SAMK has always been among the six best ones. Number one SAMK has been four times, the latest one 2016.




12 Years Education with minimum of 50%


12 Years Education with minimum of 50%


HSSC 50% Marks minimum


A-levels with 2 subject pass

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