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Berlin School of Business and Innovation

Berlin, Germany

Economics and Business Administration (B.A.)

Admission Requirements

**Academic Requirement at Undergraduate level for  students with British Qualifications stay the same regardless of the Student's country of residence.


About The Program

About The University

Application Deadline

Start Date

Feb May Oct

IELTS – minimum score of 6.0 (minimum 5.5 in each component)

Minimimum Academic Requirement

English Proficiency Requirement

Other Requirements

Program Level

5 Days

Average Decision Time


Application Fees

Yearly Tuition Fees

8,500 EUR


Program Duration

3 Years

Click HERE to understand more about Specific Entry Requirements for your Country

Dec 30 Mar 31 Aug 31


*Upto €1500 Scholarship Available.
Subject to availablity. Apply for admission as early as you can to receive €1500 Euros scholarship.

The Bachelor’s programme in Economics and Business Administration has been selected by BSBI among the many prestigious international programmes offered by Università Telematica Internazionale UNINETTUNO.

You will learn about fundamental business principles, such as economics, accounting, information systems, business law, human resources and marketing. Develop the academic skills needed for success in university study. Study compulsory topics for the global business environment. Choose elective subjects to shape your own course of study, with the possibility of taking a pathway in your final year. We use practical methods of teaching to help you understand the theory and how the concepts operate in practice. Work with your tutors and fellow students to discuss topics and work on interactive projects. Complete an internship in a relevant organisation. You will also have the option to learn the German language.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates will be able to:

  • Deal with the challenges of a globalised economy;

  • Adapt to new environments and audiences when starting your own company or working for a multinational business;

  • Develop a wide range of skills and a good overview of the most important topics in successful business management, including administration, management, business processes and problem solving;

  • Develop a solid understanding of business and management;

  • Build the key intellectual and vocational skills to succeed in any business environment.

Career progression

After successful completion of the programme, students will have opportunities to work in areas such as banking, finance and accounting. Successful graduates can secure placements in large consultancies firms, international retailers and fashion houses and other service industries. You can also pursue research degrees in top universities around the world.

In addition, graduates on this programme can apply for exemptions from relevant professional examinations of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and the Institute of Chartered Accountants. Students on this programme may also become student members of the Institute of Management.

The Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI) is located in the heart of Berlin. We focus on helping graduates to become exceptional leaders in their chosen field.

Our school has three concepts at its heart:

  • Enterprise

  • Leadership

  • Success

Every course we offer is designed with these principles in mind, which is why each programme focuses on improving your practical business skills and understanding of the industry. We will give you the tools and information that you need for professional success, as well as support from industry focused academics who are at the top of their field. You will also benefit from our extensive career support, which you can rely on for guidance and advice.

All of our courses use hands-on teaching methods, such as case studies, visits to exhibitions and businesses, guest speakers, and classroom discussions. This means you will gain a practical understanding of how the concepts you are learning apply to real businesses.

You will also undertake an internship within the relevant sector, as well as studying the German language. This will further enhance your understanding of the German workplace and how you can succeed within it. Our goal is your success: when you graduate, you will soon be able to enter the job market as a highly qualified professional.

Please note that all of our degrees are awarded by International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, Italy. 

Uninettuno is recognised by the Ministry of Education, University and Reasearch in Italy. Furthermore, it is the only Italian Telematic University that was positively assessed by the CNVSU, the National Committee established to assess the university institutions in Italy.


H.S.C. with a minimum of 60%


12 Years Education with minimum of 60%





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