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Southeast Missouri State University

Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA

Criminal Justice (M.Sc.)

Admission Requirements

**Academic Requirement at Undergraduate level for  students with British Qualifications stay the same regardless of the Student's country of residence.

Teaching certificate

About The Program

About The University

Application Deadline

Start Date

Jan Aug

Min IELTS average: 6.0

Minimimum Academic Requirement

English Proficiency Requirement

Other Requirements

Program Level

60 days

Average Decision Time

40 USd

Application Fees

Yearly Tuition Fees

9,680 USD


Program Duration

2 Years

Click HERE to understand more about Specific Entry Requirements for your Country

Sep 30 Apr 30


The Department offers a Master of Science (M.S.) in Criminal Justice. The M.S. has an 18-hour core and 12 hours of electives, with six of those electives taken within the department and nine either inside or outside of the department, depending on the student's interest. The student selects either the thesis option (6 hours), or the internship option (3 hours internship, 3 hours of electives, and non-credit comprehensive examination) or additional coursework & comprehensive written exam.


The purpose of the Master of Science in Criminal Justice is to provide a high-quality graduate program that prepares competent individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to meet the criminal justice needs of the region, including such aspects of criminal justice as law enforcement, courts, corrections, and crime prevention. The goals of the program are to prepare graduates who are able to:


  • Assess and understand criminal justice problems and issues.

  • Conduct basic and applied research in criminal justice, particularly evaluation research.

  • Use computer technology to locate information and use statistics and software to analyze problems, particularly with respect to criminal justice agencies.

  • Understand legal issues which affect criminal justice professionals.

  • Integrate the findings concerning the psychological, sociological, economic and cultural roots of crime.

Southeast Missouri State University is a comprehensive university with numerous national and international academic accreditation. In addition to offering more than 145 undergraduate majors, 100 minors, and more than 75 graduate programs, Southeast continues to focus on staying ahead of changing market demands. Students receive unparalleled personal support from their first time on campus to the day they receive their diploma. This instills a strong sense of confidence and lays the foundation for all of their achievements to come.

With nearly 12,000 students, Southeast is an ideal size to take advantage of critical learning and extracurricular opportunities. Internships and experiential learning are available in 100 percent of majors. Study-abroad opportunities range from two-week to academic year study in a variety of countries.

Southeast Missouri State University provides student‐centered education and experiential learning with a foundation of liberal arts and sciences, embracing a tradition of access, exceptional teaching, and commitment to student success that significantly contributes to the development of the region and beyond.


Why Southeast Missouri State University?

Whether you’ve known your career path since before you could read or you still aren’t sure what you want to dedicate your life doing, Southeast has the programs, facilities, and faculty to help you find the right fit. View more than 200 areas of study, browse degree maps, or take a look at the sampling below to get some ideas. Follow what you like or try a course that terrifies you. This is the place to find your passion, and we can’t wait to see what you do.

At Southeast, you’re not just in the classroom but also in practice. Whether it’s in a lab, or a stage, at our very own research farm, in your own classroom, at Catapult Creative House, in a gallery, around the world, or across the nation, we don’t just tell you about the profession you’re going into. We give you the experience to do it. And, that’s pretty helpful on a resume.

The best thing about Southeast is that you can find the variety of program choices and resources that you'd find at a big university, but you get the personal support of a smaller university. So, whether you need advising, mentoring, tutoring or just somebody to listen, you'll find a team of faculty, staff, and experts here to make sure whatever you do, you won't have to do it alone.






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