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Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Neterlands


Science and Engineering International Foundation Year

Progressing to

Computer Science (B.Sc.)

Program No-


September January

At least 1 month prior to the start date

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Admission Requirements

The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (abbreviated as VU, VU Amsterdam, "Free University Amsterdam") is a universityin Amsterdam, Netherlands, founded in 1880, often ranking among the world's top 100 universities. The VU is one of two large, publicly funded research universities in the city, the other being the University of Amsterdam (UvA).The literal translation of the Dutch name Vrije Universiteit is "Free University". "Free" refers to independence of the university from both the State and the Dutch Reformed Church. Both within and outside the university, the institution is commonly referred to as "the VU". Although founded as a private institution, the VU has received government funding on a parity basis with public universities since 1970. The university is located on a compact urban campus in the southern Buitenveldert neighbourhood of Amsterdam and adjacent to the modern Zuidas business district.

In 2014, the VU had 23,656 registered students, most of whom were full-time students. That year, the university had 2,263 faculty members and researchers, and 1,410 administrative, clerical and technical employees, based on FTEunits. The university's annual endowment for 2014 was circa €480 million. About three quarters of this endowment is government funding; the remainder is made up of tuition fees, research grants, and private funding.

The official university seal is entitled The Virgin in the Garden. Personally chosen by Abraham Kuyper, the Reformed-Protestant leader and founder of the university, it depicts a virgin living in freedom in a garden while pointing towards God, referring to the Protestant Reformation in the Netherlands in the 16th and 17th century. In 1990, the university adopted the mythical griffin as its common emblem.

**Academic Requirement for English Medium students stay the same regardless of the country of residence.

Other Requirements

Peronal Statement

About The Program

About The University

IELTS 5.0 overall (5.0 in Writing, 4.5 in all components)

This three-term programme comprises core and subject-related modules designed to prepare you for undergraduate study in Holland. These modules will develop your academic skills, English language, employability skills and subject knowledge and prepare you for an English-taught degree in the field of science and engineering.

Studying in small classes for 16 hours per week, plus 20 hours of self-study per week, you will be thoroughly prepared to enter your chosen degree at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. 

The programme is formed of modules. You'll be monitored through continuous coursework and end-of-term or end-of-module assessments to ensure you stay on track. Your continuous coursework includes a series of presentations and extended essays.

Core modules

  • Academic English Skills

  • Dutch Culture and language

  • Tutorial


Route modules

  • Mathematics I - Science

  • Physics I

  • Mathematics II - Science

  • Physics II

  • Chemistry I

  • Mathematics III - Science

  • Physics III

  • Chemistry II


Once you successfully complete your programme and achieve the required academic grades which is minimum overall 55% (min.55% in each component worth 40%+), you can progress to Computer science B.Sc. program at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

3 Terms

English Proficiency Requirement


Start Date

Application Deadline

Tuition Fees

17,400 EUR

Bursaries availability


Minimimum Academic Requirement

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Standard XII diploma (academic stream): Intermediate Examination Certificate/ Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) at 55% or above


Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) over 55% marks


HSSC average grade C or better


5 subjects in IGCSE with minimum C or better, Relevant subjects, including English, no native language is counted.

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